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Purpose of DISCS

The Dynamic Integrated Scoring Calibration System (DISCS) is an online scoring guide training tool designed to aid educators in calibrating to the Oregon Official State Scoring Guides in the Essential Skills of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. The tutorial materials and scoring activities included in this resource allow educators to self-evaluate and improve their current levels of proficiency using the Official State Scoring Guides.

DISCS will be updated periodically in order to support training needs, but is not intended as a list of requirements that districts must follow in order to comply with ORS or OAR requirements. DISCS is intended to provide information to the trainee regarding his or her level of calibration using the Official State Scoring Guides, it is not a scoring guide certification or qualification system. If, after completing the tutorials and practice activities, the trainee determines that there is an insufficient level of calibration, he or she may seek additional training at the local level to address the issue.

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